Perl stuff

Perl kicks ass. So I use it to write stuff I need - like anybody really needs software :)

Here you will find a few things I've put together - you're free to use them under the terms of the GPLv3 license. I hope you find them useful and if you have suggestions or comments, please e-mail me. If you need to get a hold of me real-time, see my contact page.

If you happen to have extra funds burning a hole in your pocket and feel like pushing some gratitude my way, I have a PayPal account!

If you know anyone that needs a DBA, a web developer or overall code hack, I do contracts and need to line up my next gig (see my c.v.) so please let me know!

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  Dynamic DNS - qsecretary: bugger off! - DB::Ent - MusicBrainz RPMs - cpan2rpm - Lingua-EN-Numericalize

cpan2rpm - A Perl module packager

This utility packages CPAN modules into RPM format with minimal user effort. ...and now packages can be built online, right on our server! The package now has its own homepage. Come visit us at:

Dynamic DNS:

This utility implements a client for the free dynamic DNS service. A cron job is set up to check whether the external IP address has changed, and when it does, connects to and updates the DNS entries of all the domains of the given account.

For Fedora users (F10, 11, 12 and Rawhide) The software is available via the local YUM repository and can be installed like this: # yum -y install afraid-dyndns Packages are also available for RHEL5 and CentOS. For OSX users, download the tarball and install (as root) as indicated below: # curl -O
# tar xzvf afraid-dyndns-x.x.tgz
# cd afraid-dyndns-x.x
# ./install
Once installed, don't forget to configure! To read ahead, here's the README included in the package.

   tarball:  afraid-dyndns-1.1.tar.gz
   RPM:      afraid-dyndns-1.1-1.fc11.noarch.rpm
   SRPM:     afraid-dyndns-1.1-1.fc11.src.rpm
Additionally, the full source code is available on github at where anyone can patch it, so grab a copy and overwrite your current version for the latest bug fixes.

NoSPAM - A junk-mail fighting tool

This tool allows mail administrators to share block lists. At present works only with sendmail. For more information about this system, please visit the NoSPAM Crusade site.
tarball:  nospam-1.5.tgz
RPM:      nospam-1.5-3.i386.rpm

cpan modules

These will be useful mostly to developers. Full documentation is included in the packages so the descriptions below will be brief. For a full listing see my CPAN page.
   tarball:  POE-Component-Child-1.34.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-POE-Component-Child-1.34-.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-POE-Component-Child-1.34-.src.rpm
   tarball:  POE-Component-Enc-Mp3-1.6.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-POE-Component-Enc-Mp3-1.6-.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-POE-Component-Enc-Mp3-1.6-.src.rpm
   tarball:  POE-Component-CD-Detect-1.4.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-POE-Component-CD-Detect-1.4-.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-POE-Component-CD-Detect-1.4-.src.rpm
   tarball:  POE-Component-Player-Slideshow-1.5.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-POE-Component-Player-Slideshow-1.5-.POE.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-POE-Component-Player-Slideshow-1.5-.src.rpm
   tarball:  POE-Component-Player-Mp3-1.9.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-POE-Component-Player-Mp3-1.9-.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-POE-Component-Player-Mp3-1.9-.src.rpm
   tarball:  Proc-PID-File-1.24.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-Proc-PID-File-1.24-1.noarch.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-Proc-PID-File-1.24-1.src.rpm
   tarball:  Text-Roman-3.3.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-Text-Roman-3.3-1.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-Text-Roman-3.3-1.src.rpm
   tarball:  Lingua-EN-Numericalize-1.56.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-Lingua-EN-Numericalize-1.56-1.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-Lingua-EN-Numericalize-1.56-1.src.rpm
   tarball:  X11-Keyboard-1.4.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-X11-Keyboard-1.4-1.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-X11-Keyboard-1.4-1.src.rpm
   tarball:  X11-SendEvent-1.3.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-X11-SendEvent-1.3-1.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-X11-SendEvent-1.3-1.src.rpm
   tarball:  DB-Ent-1.63.tar.gz
   RPM:      perl-DB-Ent-1.63-1.i386.rpm
   SRPM:     perl-DB-Ent-1.63-1.src.rpm


This perl script [DOWNLOAD HERE] was written to automate replying to challenges from qsecretary, a mailing list spam protection tool used by DJB in his lists. For a more complex but probably more comprehensive alternative, check out Charles Cazabon's pymsgauth.


Here are rpms for the MusicBrainz project. Source rpms included in case you need to --rebuild on your platform. Tarballs may be had from the source.

Note: test directories are not usually packaged into the RPM. Since there are currently no docs to show sample usage and the author relies on the test suite for that, user may need to download tarball.

RPM:    perl-MusicBrainz-Queries-0.02-1.i386.rpm
SRPM:   perl-MusicBrainz-Queries-0.02-1.src.rpm

RPM: perl-MusicBrainz-Client-0.06-1.i386.rpm SRPM: perl-MusicBrainz-Client-0.06-1.src.rpm


Anything you put in my pocket is greatly appreciated and will be used for further development. Also, if you have a particular feature you'd like implemented, or some other functionality written, a financial commitment of any size will push your request to the top :)